Personal growth & leadership development in greater Boston.

Offering personalized coaching, small group facilitation and associated resources to individuals and groups who want to grow, know they need to grow, and understand the need for help and support.

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Kinetic Life Coaching - Leader Breakthru Hub

Building Awareness. Energizing Growth. Sustaining Change.

What we are told we tend to resist; what we discover, we own. We live in a pretty “tell-oriented” world—someone or something is often telling us what to do or think, what’s “best” for us, or what we “should” want to do. We offer a different paradigm: it’s all about asking and listening.

Kinetic Life Coaching, in partnersip with Leader Breakthru, supports discovery and builds awareness primarily through asking good questions and actively listening to your answers. Our role is not to “put into” you our knowledge and experience; it’s to “draw out” from you what’s already “in there’—to help you see it, recognize, it, understand it and own it—and get it going!

Leader Breakthru Hubs are regional sites and resourcing specialists that offer personal and leadership development training as well as coaching from Leader Breakthru.

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Meet Brian Emmet

Director, Leader Breakthru Hub in Boston

Brian brings nearly forty years of work experience to the Greater Boston Leader Breakthru Hub. A Harvard graduate, he’s worked in small business, education, non-profit boards, and pastoral ministry. Along with directing Kinetic Life Coaching, Brian currently serves as pastor of the Covenant Church community in Arlington, MA.

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